Minnesota homeowners, do you know who to call when your driveway and patio need a facelift? A Burnsville, MN, homeowner had this problem, and they found our expertise searching on Angie’s List: Classic Company. We upgraded their lackluster driveway, sidewalk, and patio with a color concrete overlay, giving their property a whole new look without the cost of full paving.

Enhancing Burnsville MN’s Landscape: Color Concrete Overlay Revamps Driveway, Sidewalk, and Patio

These MN homeowners chose a cost-effective process for their pavement improvement. A cement overlay covers small flaws in paved areas, concealing discoloration or tiny cracks, and creates a new look with a fresh layer that can be stained or stamped. This color concrete overlay addressed surface imperfections and renewed their pavement’s appearance, elevating the property’s overall value.

Classic Company’s transformative color concrete overlay process involved an initial pavement cleaning, followed by a new layer of cement, culminating in an artful touch with stain application. First, we prepared the surface with a thorough cleaning, crack patching, and a primer coat. Freshly mixed onsite, the overlay blends rubberized polymer, elastomeric resin, cement modifiers, fibers, polymers, and aggregates. Our skilled paving contractors poured it in an even layer at the proper depth. Then, they applied the stain for a beautiful terracotta color. Finally, they applied a protective sealant, paying attention to edges and borders. This heavy-duty sealer boasts UV resistance, safeguarding against color fading, moisture, stains, and cracks, creating a lustrous, durable surface.

color concrete overlay MN

Our clients loved their new driveway, walkway, and patio, saying, “The color top cast finish looks amazing! The neighbors are all asking who did it for us!”

Consider Classic Company for a pavement transformation that upgrades and revitalizes your residential property. Contact us and discover the wonders of color concrete paving for your driveway, sidewalk, and patio!

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