In the charming residential landscape of Edina, MN, Classic Company, MN Concrete Specialists, takes pride in transforming driveways into impressive statements. This blog post explores a recent project where a new concrete driveway was installed, addressing the client’s needs and adding a touch of sophistication to their property.

The Edina, MN, residential client wanted to revitalize their property by replacing the existing driveway. Our experienced paving team embarked on a one-day project that would not only fulfill their practical need but also enhance the overall look of the property.

New Concrete Driveway Transforms Edina, MN Residential Property

The service process began with meticulous planning, considering factors such as testing soil stability, checking for underground utilities, and reviewing local codes and permits. This proactive approach laid the groundwork for a smooth and efficient installation.

The foundation phase was crucial in establishing durability. Our skilled team started with a solid gravel foundation, providing a stable base for the concrete installation. Next, they carefully placed forms, rebar, and wire mesh to strengthen the pavement and prevent potential cracking.

The mixing and pouring process was conducted with precision.  To further enhance the concrete’s durability, the forms were gently tapped as the material started to set. The pavement was allowed to fully cured, ensuring optimal strength and longevity. They weren’t done, though. Installing joints ensures that the slabs interlock, preventing horizontal shifting and maintaining the driveway’s integrity. Drainage considerations were incorporated to prevent potential issues.

concrete drivewayConcrete driveways offer a range of benefits, from durability to low maintenance needs. Classic Company offers customization options, allowing homeowners to tailor their driveways to suit their preferences. Coloring and stamping options further expand the possibilities, turning a functional element into a personalized work of art. The client expressed their satisfaction with a glowing quote: “We love our new driveway! Makes our house look brand new!”

Elevate Your Home with a Custom Driveway by Classic CompanyEdina concrete driveway

Classic Company‘s commitment to excellence shines through in every step of the concrete driveway installation process. Edina residents looking to elevate their homes are encouraged to explore the benefits and customization options offered by Classic Company, ensuring a driveway that not only meets practical needs but also enhances the beauty of their residences.

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