If you need a new backyard space, concrete paving could be the answer.  Classic Company recently completed a project called, ” Creating Backyard Brilliance: A Renovated Concrete Patio South Minneapolis MN.”  Using natural stone pavers, bricks, and other types of pavement our experts transformed our customer’s backyard, providing them with a high-end quality look at only fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Classic Company

When a Minneapolis homeowners needed to upgrade their backyard, they turned to Classic Company, Minnesota’s leading residential concrete paving contractor.  We are happy to enhance residential spaces in our community, so we jumped on the opportunity to show off our patio design and installation skills. First, we consulted with the homeowner, finding out they needed a patio space, steps to the back door, a retaining wall to preserve their landscaping, and a pathway.

Our skilled representative assessed their residential property, addressing the client’s concerns about the functionality and aesthetic of their outdoor space. The homeowner loved our designs, quick turnaround time, and low pricing. With their okay, we quickly got to work!

Our skilled concrete paving contractors installed the patio, stairs, retaining wall, and pathway efficiently. We ensured the patio was sloped correctly and the retaining wall would be sturdy. But what our team had the most fun with was the decorative elements.  All our constructions elegantly mimic the appearance of natural stone pavers, and the patio has a colored concrete border designed to look like bricks. Also resembling natural stone, their resilient retaining wall is actually durable concrete, offering strength and functionality while seamlessly blending with the landscaped environment.

concrete patio paving

The homeowner was thrilled with the look of their new patio and retaining wall, but also the promptness and quality of our service.

Classic Company: Minneapolis Concrete Paving Excellence

For unparalleled concrete paving services and patio construction in Minneapolis, MN, Classic Company is your trusted partner.

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