Classic Company specializes in crafting custom concrete patio solutions for residential properties in the Twin Cities area. Our recent project in Edina, MN, elevated a residential backyard, adding significant value to the client’s home.

Known for clear communication, exceptional service, and positive experiences, Classic Company brings generations of experience to each colored, stamped concrete project. Rooted in family values, they build lasting relationships, offering diverse concrete solutions for residential and commercial property owners.

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custom concrete patio

The Edina homeowner wanted to enhance their outdoor space. The goal was to seamlessly match the patio with the home’s exterior, incorporating an existing yard light. Classic Company’s skilled team embraced the challenge, delivering a meticulously crafted solution. Beyond the visual appeal, the custom patio significantly increased the property’s overall value.

This concrete patio installation involved several key steps. First, our paving team ensured a solid foundation, starting with the subgrade preparation and strategic placement of forms. Reinforcement was added for durability, and the concrete was mixed, poured, and meticulously finished. Taking the process further, we introduced intricate stamping and coloring techniques to elevate the patio’s aesthetic appeal. Stamping offers a variety of design options, allowing for the creation of unique patterns and textures. From replicating the look of natural stone to intricate geometric designs, the possibilities are endless.

Coloring the concrete opens up even more avenues for customization. Whether opting for earthy tones that blend seamlessly with the surroundings or vibrant hues that make a bold statement, our clients can choose what suits their preferences. The combination of stamping and coloring transforms the surface into a personalized work of art, adding a touch of uniqueness to every project.

The best thing? This project was finished in a single day! The client expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “Beautiful work! We will recommend Classic to everyone we know!”

Classic Company’s commitment to quality, skilled expertise, and clear communication is evident throughout the project. Their residential expertise shines, offering diverse concrete solutions and building enduring partnerships.

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