Classic Company, recently completed a an exquisite residential project called, “Stamped Color Concrete Patio Wayzata MN.”   Our team’s dedication to delivering impeccable paving and outdoor construction shines through in this unique project.  As local contractors, we love helping our neighbors with improving their properties.

This project started with a happy Classic Company client, who referred our Wayzata homeowner to us when they talked about wanting a new patio.  Emphasizing our commitment to superior craftsmanship and expertise, we assured the homeowner of our ability to transform their residential property with our specialized residential paving services.

Upon our representative’s visit to the job site, an in-depth quote was provided for the stamped color concrete patio project, and our new client loved the competitive pricing. We explained our decorative paving process so that they understood what was going to happen on their property. They were impressed with our communication skills and professionalism, as well as our design options.

Our detailed stamped concrete installation ensured the patio resembled natural stone, achieving the desired look for their outdoor space that really complimented their home. From meticulous planning to precise execution, our focus on achieving remarkable results sets us apart. First, we cleaned the surface, removed debris, and graded the area for proper drainage. Next, we installed wooden forms, poured a special mix with added pigments, and then leveled and smoothed the surface. Before the surface fully cures, stamping tools are pressed onto the surface to create texture and patterns. Once stamped, the concrete needs time to set properly. Sealing the surface after curing helps protect the pavement from wear, stains, and weather.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Stamped Color Concrete by Classic Company

Our Wayzata homeowner was thrilled with their new patio! They loved the design, the look, and the value that it added to their property. They also loved how efficient our paving contractors work, since we got it done quickly! Classic Company takes pride in delivering superior stamped color concrete solutions to elevate outdoor spaces in Wayzata, MN, and neighboring areas.

Our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice for quality decorative paving projects in Minnesota communities. Contact us today and elevate your residential property with our exceptional color concrete paving services!