Minnesota homeowners, are your stairs or sidewalk crumbling? Trust Classic Company, your most experienced residential concrete paving company, for expert concrete stair installation and sidewalk paving, backed by generations of family values and extensive experience. We’ve been in the business for decades, so we are well-versed in all residential property improvement needs, including stairs and sidewalks.

Minneapolis, MN Homeowners trust Classic Company for Concrete Stair Installation and Sidewalk Paving

A Minneapolis homeowner recently sought our team’s expertise to replace their old, deteriorating stairs, and a crumbling sidewalk in front of their home. This concrete stair installation and sidewalk paving project involved meticulous planning and execution.

Classic Company meticulously removed the old, worn-out stairs and sidewalks, ensuring a clean slate for the new installations. Utilizing precision techniques, they expertly crafted durable concrete stairs and flawlessly paved the sidewalk to add serious value to this residential property. First, our paving experts designed and constructed formwork to achieve precise shapes and dimensions for the stairs so the owners could easily access their homes. Next, our trained contractors installed top-quality concrete and reinforcing materials to make the walkway, ensuring a robust foundation resistant to weather changes and heavy foot traffic. Finally, our team skillfully smoothed and textured all paved surfaces for superior traction and protection against premature wear.

What was the outcome of this residential installation project? A stunning transformation that made this Minneapolis home look brand new! And no wonder! Classic Company has decades of experience in Minnesota performing all kinds of repairs, installations, and maintenance of concrete constructions like sidewalks, stairways, foundations, retaining walls, and more. Our family values and paving expertise shine through on this project, just like every job we undertake.

For top-notch concrete stair installation and sidewalk paving services in Minneapolis, trust Classic Company. Contact us today to revitalize your residential property!

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